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How we work


Starting the project & Beach pricing

No work shall begin without a deposit, this is to cover supplies and the costs to produce the agreed project, these are also non refundable, the wheels of your project and our time on your project starts at that moment, the time, and research along with the acquisition of materials that goes into a project must be insured. 

Changing scope projects, in some cases this could be a increased in cost and may have to be re-bid, in most cases the difference is added on in the final bill, at a rate of 175.00 per hr. Scaling the project back or reducing the size of the project will not decrease the cost of the project once started, 

Canceling to postpone, these rules apply, but it does not forfeit your deposit, we do understand that things come up and when your ready to continue we can pick up where we left off.

Any other cancellations for any reasons forfeit deposits or any Sketch charges, and may be back billed at 175.00 per hour for any time spent on the project



A basic beach mural it’s 400 per section but if you get 3 or more it’s $300 per section

These are starting prices for simple tropical themed murals, and I can do any theme from lighthouse, forests, and of course beaches. If you have a theme your looking for you send me a photo reference or call and we can talk about it All my paints are formulated for high UV and have “Lifetime” on the can but in AZ that about 25yrs. I personally guarantee them for 10.

check it out my site http://themuralcompany.com

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$375.00 This is to ensure that the artist time will not go to waste on the sometimes lengthy process of producing and bringing to life the the artistic dreams of the of another person, this is also non refundable and will turn into a consultation fee if no art agreement is reached ( spoken ideas are just as valuable as written or drawn) . The sketch is the sole property of AAFD and the art and concepts produced by AAFD or its employees are for the purposes of using them in projects produced by AAFD only, as in murals, print, and photography.  This can be ordered and paid for to start the project on this website, the sketch is NOT the deposit it is a separate entity.


Close the deal

For the most part these rules are never Enforced and are only for the purpose of protecting the interests of the artist(s) from AAFD, so as a artist I have had my own set of circumstances arise that where unexpected, I understand most things in life are unpredictable and will be as flexible and understanding as possible, if the need arises.